Twitter is down! Thousands of users unable to see their feeds

Twitter is down for a large number of users leaving them unable to view their feeds and load posts.

On attempting to access their homepage, users are left with a circular refresh button that peters out.

Others were greeted with the message “tweets aren’t loading right now”.

Areas where Twitter’s service appears to not be functional include the US, India, Europe, South-East Asia, Mexico and parts of Brazil.

While Twitter is yet to issue a statement regarding its site being down, Down Detector has shown a clear spike in reports about the platform not working properly.

Certain individuals have also started reporting that while Twitter was down for a short while, it appears to have come back online, indicating that it may have been a normal blip in the server that may have caused the outage.

Twitter is a hugely popular social media site and used by millions across the globe, with an estimated 145 million daily users on the site.


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