Twitter Down! Chaos as Twitter Users can’t see new feeds

Twitter has stopped working, and this has expectedly caused pandemonium on social media.

The problem started Friday as users notice they can’t see any new posts on the site, with their timelines filled with old posts, suggesting the feeds aren’t refreshing.

This has been confirmed by the site’s Down Detector which stated that the issues began in the past few minutes.

It however takes a careful perusal of one’s handle to notice as the page loads normally and shows tweets – but only old ones.

Twitter has also taken to showing its users’ timelines out of order, meaning that it is not strange to see old posts appear at the top of the feed.

It is not yet clear the enormity of the mysterious outage that’s mostly affected users in Europe, America and Africa.

The site’s own down detector reports the most affected devices are desktops, with reports reaching 50%, while reports from iPads and Android devices are 25% and 24% respectively.

Distressed users are already expressing their outrage at the development, with some calling for appealing for help.

One wrote: “Feed not refreshing. Is it the same for everyone?”

“No tweets coming through,” another added.

Another user wrote: “Please fix it I’m annoyed it’s been an hour”

Twitter once regularly went down, but the site has grown over the past couple years and outages have been rare.

More to follow…


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