Trump to Hold Emergency Nationwide Address on Border Security

President Donald Trump announced he will “address the nation” Tuesday on his demand for a Mexico border wall that he says is needed to shut out dangerous illegal immigration.

Trump, who is battling Democrats in Congress over funding for the wall project, tweeted that the speech would be made at 9 pm (0200 GMT Wednesday) on what he called “the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border.”

The primetime speech will come two days before Trump makes a rare trip down to the Mexican border in furtherance of his controversial plan.

Trump has made building a wall the central theme of his domestic policies, painting the border as an open gate for criminals, including rapists, terrorists and phony asylum seekers.

The idea is popular with his hardcore voter base, but Democrats, who now control the lower house of Congress, say that the “crisis” is overblown by Trump and that the wall is a political stunt not worth taxpayer money.

The standoff between both sides of the aisle has led to a government shutdown lasting 18 days now, and leaving over 800,000 federal workers without paychecks.


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