Tricycle Rider returns iPhone to Owner

A twitter user, identified as Adeoluwa Billions @Gbaja_Adeoluwa, has expressed his heartfelt appreciation to an honest tricycle (Keke Napep) rider.

In a series of tweets Thursday, he said the Keke rider returned his iPhone which he left in his commercial vehicle after a phone call from him.

The Twitter user claimed that he was dazed by the Keke rider’s integrity and kindness and had to give him a little cash gift in appreciation.

“I boarded his Keke this morning in a hurry and I forgot my iPhone in his Keke, I only realize 30 minutes later that my phone was gone(I froze) then I called and he picked, he found me and returned it,” he wrote.

“I first did idobale and walked away, I came back and forced a cash gift on him.

“Then after waking away the third time cus I was too dazed by his integrity and kindness I ran back to him again and took this selfie so I can show the world my hero.

“Thank you, sir, for your labour of love…”

Despite the chronic economic situation in the country, a number of Nigerians have displayed commendable acts of nobility by returning lost items, including bags, wallets and wads of cash.


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