Trey Songz Drags White Woman Who Criticised Him for Promoting Black Love

Trey Songz has taken to his Instagram to read a white woman for filth, who had a problem with his promotional video centering the idea of Black Love.

“The video for Circles is amazing, directed by @mahaneela.jpg we centered it around black love and some of circles we go through in relationships. This is the trailer,” the singer had shared in his post.

And while many people appreciated the concept, a white woman hopped into the comment section and asked: “Why is black love different from white love? Love is love.”

And he read her to the letter, reminding her of the systemic racism in the United States that ripped black families, put black men in prisons, making sure that many black children didn’t grow up with a father figure, which is what artists of his generation is fighting against.

“So, pardon me while I show black love and not all love,” he said.

And he said a lot more.


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