Trending Video: Nigeria Will be Exporting Marijuana If I Become President – Sowore

Omoyele Sowore, publisher of online newspaper Sahara Reporters and presidential aspirant in the 2019 general elections, says Nigeria will export marijuana if he gets elected as president of the country.

Sowore said this while speaking at an event organised by Centre for Social Justice on Wednesday.

According to him, people are making billions from the plant while Nigeria is being left behind.

“We have to start taking care of our weed (Igbo), such that we can also contribute to the GDP of the world,” he said.

“Some of the best weeds in the world are grown in Ekiti state. I’m very serious. People are making billions out of that particular plant that is very potent in Nigeria. We should be focusing on it.

“Our NDLEA should get the notice, memo in advance that Nigeria will be exporting weed to cure cancer in other parts of the world.”

He admitted that the subject of marijuana is controversial but he’s ready to further discuss it if the need arises.

“That’s my last word and I know this one is controversial. If you want to hear more from me about it, I will discuss it,” he added.

Watch the video below.

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