Travelogue: From Lagos to Kampala & Other Writivism Tales

As we land in Entebbe, one hostess reminds us to leave the blankets behind. I shrug and stuff mine into my carry-on and zip!

Nigerian Motorcyclist Embarks On Solo Road Tour of North America

His North American tour is also an opportunity for him to participate in the challenge for theTriple Crown - a feat that is awarded to ten - fifteen motorcyclists every year in the USA. Once again, he would be the only Nigerian to attempt to win the award.

Travel: 5 Mistakes Tourists make when visiting Lagos

we have put together some of the mistakes tourists visiting the city tend to make with hopes that readers who intend to visit for the first time will note them and avoid them, so as to have a smoother travel experience.

5 Amazing Hotels in Nigeria for a luxurious Long Weekend

By Nkem Ndem Nigerians! We love long weekends! Sometimes, the only way to maximise a long weekend is to get the heck out of town...

Letter from Ogbomoso: Of Wonder Banks and Yahoo Boys

In the same 2007, Lautech students involved in online scam schemes were everywhere. They drove around in their Golf cars fitted with booming speakers, speeding through the town’s streets, and being a general nuisance.

My Abuja Trip & why We Should Start Zoning our Capital City

Lagos state had it for 77 years and is, as a result, considerably developed. In fact, today it is the mega city with the highest GDP in Africa. Abuja too has worn the shoes for 25 years and has experienced unparalleled growth. It is high time another set of people received this Midas touch called “capital-ism”. It is high time the government indirectly capital-ised the interest of those from a different state.

The Trans-Nigerian Road Trip Diary: Where’s the Future in Nostalgia? – By Emmanuel Iduma

Emmanuel Iduma is one of 6 artists on a road trip across Nigeria. They aim to map diversity across the country's regions, states and ethnic formations.

Invisible Borders: Borders Within 2016 – The Retreat

The preoccupations of each artist are as diverse as the individuals themselves: Yagazie is interested in women and their relationship with their bodies, particularly the blemishes and scars they might carry; Yinka’s work will explore ‘immapancy’(geographical illiteracy) among Nigerians, as well as the effects of violence on their everyday lives

Borders Within: Artists Get Set for a Trans-Nigerian Roadtrip

On May 12, 2016, 3 writers, 3 photographers 1 film-maker began the 5-day Lagos leg of Borders Within 2016: The Trans-Nigerian Roadtrip. Within the next 46 days, they will travel 15 Nigerian cities on a van, immerse themselves in the cities they visit, hopefully not catch diarrhea, or run into any kind of road mishaps, accidents and insurgents included.

Travelogue: Visiting Nigeria

Thanks to the social ways of my siblings, I've always had Nigerians at some point of my life, but in 2011, I made my own Nigerian friend, Jennifer. Jenny is a brilliant young woman who lives in Lagos and is now one of my best friends. For years, we've been toying with the idea of visiting each other, and this year I decided it needed to happen. Dates were discussed, tickets were bought, airport drama was had, and I was on a flight to Lagos.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Recreate Late Princess Diana’s Picture at the Taj Mahal

Prince William and Kate Middleton pose in front of the Taj Mahal creating a new memory from Princess Diana's 1992 picture

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel: India’s Perfect Mix of Beauty and Strength

A 5-star hotel located in Colbia region of Mumbai in India, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel also known as Hotel Grand Palace and has managed to combine elements of the old and new, first opened its doors to guests on 16 December 1903.

Travelogue: On smoke, filth and finding Ijaw girls, a sojourn in Bayelsa

There are so many things you hear about Bayelsa you will only get to find out the truth or otherwise when you visit

Ojude-Oba festival: About horses, colour, culture, family and more

The Ojude Oba festival is indisputably one of the most popular cultural events in Nigeria and West Africa. The festival annually draws families and...

Travelogue: Journeying back to tradition at the Osun-Osogbo Festival

Osun-Osogbo festival is perhaps one of the biggest cultural exports from south-west Nigeria

Travelogue: Revisiting the ghosts of my childhood

A writer follows his childhood memories to his mother's hometown and found a ghost town instead

Travelogue: Capturing Nairobi through a writer’s eyes

Nigerian writer Richard Ali tells of mixing business with pleasure during a country-hopping trip to East Africa

Travelogue: From Jo’burg to the Cape – a traveler’s beautiful discovery away from the familiar

A young Nigerian on a business trip to South Africa steps off the beaten track and discovered a different world

A Requiem at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport

If I were elected president my first public assignment would be to organise a requiem service. Yes, you read that right.After my swearing-in ceremony,...

Breaking Limits: From Lagos to Europe and Back on a Bike

Ogbonnaya Kanu is a biker. He is the kind of biker that rides from Lagos to Europe and back, in a total of 36 days...