Trainee Police Officers Assault Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association

The Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ilorin Branch, was reportedly assaulted, alongside two other lawyers, by young trainees of the Nigerian Police Force.

According to Punch, drama started when the Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mohammed Akande, went to the police training college in response to a distress call that a lawyer was being assaulted at the police college. The legal practitioner reportedly was attacked while trying to gain access into the school.

“They started calling me a fake lawyer. They asked me to produce my identity card, and I told them that I’m a private lawyer,” said Akande, adding, “At this point, they pounced on me, slapping and kicking me, while some used the stick gun in their hands to beat me.

“At a point, they removed my shirt and trousers, leaving me with my boxers and singlet. They threw me up in the air and I fell on the ground. They later carried me and dumped me in their cell,” he continued.

His other Mr Luqman  Olanrewaju said he was assaulted under the supervision of one Adeyemi Mulikat, who, he supposed, was a teacher in the police training college.

“I received a distress call from one of our colleagues that a member was in crisis at the A Division Police Station, in the Challenge area and we both went there,” Akande added. “It was when we got there that we discovered that the incident occurred at the Police Training School section, and straight we met the headmaster who invited us to his office. He told us that the whole issue was about thoroughfare at the gate; that the lawyer was very rude which made him order his men to lock him up. Then I asked him to produce the lawyer from their cell.”

“When I saw my colleague I was almost crying. He was in boxers and singlet; with scars all over his body. Not even an armed robber deserves that kind of inhuman treatment. So, I told them to kill the lawyer, having beaten him that much,” he continued, “In the process, an altercation ensued between us and l was also beaten by his officers; my tie was pulled severally and my shirt was roughened.”

Reacting to the story, the Kwara State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Ajayi Okasanmi, said that the  Commissioner of Police, Mr Fafowora  Olaniyi, has received a complaint. “The command wishes to state with every sense of responsibility that the situation is highly regretted; the command’s sympathy is extended to the victims, while investigation into the matter has been directed by the CP,” he said.

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