Designer-Stylist Toyin Lawani Reveals Plans to Experiment With Polyandry

Toyin Lawani has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, and she has now spoken up about her plans to dabble into polyandry.

According to the famous designer, she will get herself three husbands when she turns 40. She plans to provide for each man and will set the rules of cohabitation, so they can all exist in peace, in her world.

“If men can, why can’t I? Don’t tell me bullshit that it’s a man’s world. What A man can do a woman can do better. The world is changing so men need to sit up,” she wrote, adding, “Una fuckup don too much. If you like don’t be loyal, I will marry another one and replace you.”

And she said a lot more.

See her post below:

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