Toyin Abraham Takes Legal Action Against Lizzy Anjorin

Toyin Abraham has taken to her Instagram to announce post the letter from lawyers, in which she demanded a public apology from Lizzy Anjorin.

Recall that their drama began last week after Anjorin accused Abraham of being the face behind some accounts trolling her on Instagram.

Anjorin began by calling out Abraham’s fans, before explicitly accusing Abraham of being behind the fake Instagram accounts. “Why 99.9 percent of this account you claim as fans are always on private(sic),” said Anjorin, adding, “You open private account to troll. You still defend yourself with the same method.”

In her initial response, Abraham dismissed Anjorin’s accusation as ‘cluelessness’ and then noted that she will take legal actions against her.

“Her so-called “evidence” of my involvement was a comment I left on the page of a fan she suspected is behind the story. How I became connected to the story beats me. This level of cluelessness is mind-boggling,” said Abraham in her post.

She continued, “For the umpteenth time, stop holding me responsible for the actions or inactions of other people as it concerns you. Whether they are my fans or not, I don’t regulate or determine their behaviour or conduct. Nobody holds Beyonce responsible for what her teeming fans, “Beyhives” do. Anyways, I have instructed my lawyers to take up this matter and she will be hearing from them by Monday. It’s time to put a stop to online bullying and bad behaviour in line with the rule of law.”

Now, she has taken actions against Anjorin. Check out the letter below:

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