Tough Love! Lady Dumps Boyfriend for His Best Friend

A South African man tasted the other side of love after his girlfriend dumped him for his best friend!

This came to light after the lady in the love triangle, Snazo Maduna via her social media handle, while celebrating her 3rd anniversary with her boyfriend, said that he used to be her ex-boyfriend’s best friend before they hit it off.

According to her, her boyfriend at the time used to neglect her and when his friend sent her a message asking how he was treating her, she opened up to him. He then promised that he could treat her better and she moved on with him.

She claims in her post that he indeed kept to his words and it’s been a breath of fresh air since swapping the friends.

Her post reads:

“I was still dating my ex when his best friend sent me a dm and asked, “unjani kodwa how’s my best friend treating you though?” I responded “He hasn’t texted me today”…..he said “I can do better”…and he meant it coz today we are celebrating our 3rd anniversary I guess what I’m trying to say is that your soulmate might be your boyfriend’s best friend, his brother or his dad .

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