Torrei Hart Thanks Kevin Hart for new butt, Child Support

Comedian Kevin Hart has no compunction letting fans into his personal life – if he’s not talking about his then two children Heaven and Hendrix, he’s turning the pitfalls of his marriage into material for rib-cracking laughter.

Well, it appears as if his ex-wife Torrei Hart has taken a page off his playbook after footage emerged Monday evening of her performing a comedy routine in which she thanks Kevin for an increase in child support payments, as well as her new (and bigger) backside, Vibe writes.

“Not only did he give me a bigger ass,” the former reality TV star said.

“That n***a also gave me a bigger child support check. Clap it up for that n***a, y’all.”

Torrei, 39, kept at the routine by speaking of the couple’s daughter who will turn 13 in March, which prompted her to countdown the days until her child support is up.

“I’ve got seven years, 302 days and 24 hours left of child support. I need you to slow it the f–k down,” she said.

Of course, she didn’t please everyone as some fans said she came across bitter, while others said her delivery and punchlines were better than her ex-husband’s.

There you have it. Do you think Torrei Hart’s performance was dope?

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