Toolz Oniru-Demuren Shares Details of Heartbreaking Loss of Her First Child

Toolz Oniru is opening up and sharing heartbreaking details on the loss of her first child.

The On Air personality and Programmes Director for Beat FM revealed this in a sit-down with Betty Irabor on the show ‘Life Lessons with Betty Irabor’.

Tolulope Oniru-Demuren who recently celebrated her fourth year wedding anniversary with pilot husband, Tunde Demuren, disclosed that she got pregnant a few months after the wedding and was naturally looking forward to the journey to motherhood.

However, almost six months into the pregnancy, she felt something was horribly wrong as the baby wasn’t  moving in her but her doctors in Nigeria insisted that everything was fine.

On having tests and series of scans done in the UK, it was revealed that the baby was not growing any bigger and might not survive another week.

She was told she had to go into labour and birth the baby after it was finally revealed that nothing could be done.

“I never once thought that the health of my child would be an issue”.

“That was horrible, the day that I did the scan and there was just like nothing. When we did the last scan, there was nothing, like, no movement, nothing.”

After that Toolz recalls that she was given drugs to induce labour and told to come back in three days; a Sunday. However, she went into labour on Saturday morning while making breakfast with a searing pain such as she had never felt before.

“From there, the pain went from two to twelve. And I remember screaming… I was in so much pain and that’s when I realised that gosh, I’m in labour.

“I was in labour for about 6 or 7 hours…

“It was very very traumatic. I try not to think about it too much.

“I think one of the worst moments after that… of course this was in the UK, they had to do like an autopsy, I had to arrange a funeral. It was horrible.

“That whole time, I was just like, ‘Yeah, God, I’m done’. I’m like ‘come and take me, I’m gone’.”

Toolz is now a mother to a beautiful son; Asher.

Watch video here.


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