Toni Payne Calls Out Men Sliding In Her DM Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Tony Payne has some words for the men who can’t quit trying to get her attention in her DM.

The Los Angeles-based poet thought it would have been nicer if the men cared at all about her welfare in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. But, no. The men only care about ‘shooting their shot’, which is why she is calling them out.

“All these men sliding in my DM to shoot their shot…it’s the same ol tired lines. Funny thing is, not one has asked if I’m ok or need anything,” she wrote.

She continued, “Not that I do but it;s the thought that counts. You wanna date someone but can;t be bothered [by] how they are faring during these times? Not even ‘if you need anything, let me know or if you just need to talk holla’ and they expect a reply?”

She really dragged those folks for filth.

See her post below:

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