Toni Braxton Is Allegedly Having Money Problems Since Birdman Split

E! News is reporting that Toni Braxton is having major money problems since her split from Birdman.

According to the media which says this has been confirmed by a court document, the legendary singer reportedly owes nearly half a million dollars in back taxes.

“Court records obtained by E! News show that last month, the Internal Revenue Service filed a lien against her, for more than $340,200 in back taxes for 2017, and that the State of California Franchise Tax Board also filed a tax lien against her for over $116,100. The total is more than $456,400,” the report continues.

This was also confirmed by The Blast, which said that both the IRS and the State of California had also filed back tax liens against the singer last year for more than $780,800, citing court records.

Braxton had filed for bankruptcy in 1998 and 2010, and had reported $1.6 million in assets and $18.3 million in debts. She later won an order discharging her from certain debts in her 2010 bankruptcy case.

The singer had yet to confirm this news as at press time.


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