Tomi Adeyemi Accuses Nora Roberts of ‘Shamelessly Profiting’ Off Her Book

Tomi Adeyemi took to her Twitter this morning to call out Nora Roberts.

The author of the fantasy novel “Children of Blood and Bone” shared a photo of the cover of her book alongside Roberts’, both photos showing that their books share similar titles. “It would be nice if an artist could create something special without another artist trying to shamelessly profit off it,” said Adeyemi in the post.

And this quickly stirred a heated conversation on social media, with many people calling out the Nigerian writer of ‘blatant disrespect’, their reason being that Roberts’s new fantasy novel is titled, “Of Blood and Bone,” is a phrase she has used very often in her books.

Also, other Roberts’s fans posted screenshots taken off the internet, many showing that the phrase is actually a familiar title many authors had used on their book covers.

Hours after she posted the accusation, Adeyemi returned to apologise and say she has resolved the issue with the famous American writer.


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