Toke Makinwa Tells Women, Both Married and Single: “Financial Freedom is a Must!”

Toke Makinwa has returned this week with words of wisdom for fans who are thriving despite the tough times.

In her Instagram Stories, she reminded the women following her why they must become successful, why they must keep shattering the ceiling wherever they find themselves. “Financial freedom is a must for us women,” she began, adding, “being able to do for yourself certainly has to be the goal. It’s nice to have help. It’s nice to come from wealth, but it is more important to raise women to believe that wealth is not gender-based.”

She continued, adding her own success story. “I bought my dream home at 35. Not my first property. Seeing young ladies do it in their 20s is such an inspiration. I love you all.”

And she has a note too for those who are married to affluent men.

See her posts below:

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