Toke Makinwa Talks Marriage Expiration Date, Hard Labour & More in Candid Tweets

Toke Makinwa has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind.

The OAP took to her social media this morning to ask why marital agreements aren’t subject to expiration and renewals; why they must be for “life.”

“I think marriage should have an expiry and subject to renewal clause after a certain number of years, like the way we renew agreements,” she said in a matter-of-fact manner, even though she peppered her tweet with laughing emojis. Adding, “People should be allowed to look back on time out in, grade themselves and hit the renewal button if they can still stand each other.”

She continued in a next tweet, “Will you still choose your partner after 10 years if you could renew/ your agreements or will you be like nahhhhhhhhhh.”

Then she let her fans “imagine a world where we could all just switch partners after a number of years the way animals do (after a day or two), with no wahala, no stress, everybody good, do you think it’ll be better? Less hassle, less drama just a good time.”

This, as usual, stirred heated reactions on social media, with many asking her to work hard at her relationship, to which she responded: “Everyone is saying “hard work” whyyyyyyyy??? When is the fun part??? I’m allergic to hard labour.”

See her tweets below:

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