Toke Makinwa Advocates for Relationship Contracts in New Vlog

Toke Makinwa thinks it’ll be nice if folks will consider signing contracts before going into any relationship, so no party will waste each other’s time.

If you waste her time, you pay up because she did not come here to play. LOL.

She wrote:

Normal people go from meeting to talking then dating and finally getting engaged which leads in most cases to marriage, right? Are you stuck at meeting/talking, back to meeting/talking and it never goes past that. It never really progresses and you are tired of meeting people who just waste your time, rather than talk I want to sleep please. I think its high time people had relationship contracts in place, just as a form of guarantee that you don’t waste your time. If you waste my time, you pay me money. What do you guys think about that? Watch, Like, Subscribe and please comment below.

Watch her below:

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