‘Tobi is Free At Last!’ – Twitter Erupts in Celebration as Big Brother Pairs Cee-C and Lolu

Tobi is no longer paired with Cee-C.

Moments ago, Big Brother un-paired Tobi and Cee-C and gave them new partners: while Tobi gets Anto, Cee-C becomes Lolu’s strategic partner, and the duo also got two strikes as punishment for their altercation yesterday.

This interesting update comes hours after Big Brother played for the housemates the video of when Lolu refused to let Cee-C sit and she pulled their harness so tautly the buckle snapped and slammed against his thigh, causing him an injury.

Many people had feared that the housemates would get disqualified for that near-violent altercation, but Big Brother had better plans. And this has stirred celebrations on social media, because folks have had grudges with Cee-C over how she has been treating Tobi.

Now, that Tobi has gotten a new partner, Twitter has near gone berserk with celebrations. Check out some of the best reactions:


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