Tilda Swinton Admits to Playing 82-Year-Old Man in “Suspiria” Movie

Tilda Swinton has revealed that she, in fact, was the 82-year-old male actor Lutz Ebersdorf who starred in the film, Suspiria.

According to CNN, the Oscar winner, who has undergone more on-screen transformations than perhaps any actor of her generation, pulled off the latest stunt, taking Hollywood by surprise.

Many people had wondered about the identity of Lutz Ebersdorf, who was previously credited as playing Dr. Josef Klemperer in the upcoming movie “Suspiria.” Until Swinston stepped forward to reveal that she actually is Ebersdorf.

Apparently, it took four hours of makeup every day for her to turn into an octogenarian man, the actress told The New York Times. And she stayed committed to the role, even got fake genitalia made and attached, according to the movie’s makeup artist, Mark Coulier, just so she could deliver an exceptional performance.

And she pulled it off!


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