‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic Says He’s Ashamed of Himself in Prison Interview

Joseph Maldonado-Passage, aka Joe Exotic, now knows how enthralled everyone is with him, thanks to the Netflix docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, which revolves around him.

The former big cat zookeeper who is currently serving time, spoke up in a March 22 interview posted by Netflix on Friday, saying he wished he could enjoy his newfound fame (many call it infamy).

“You know it would be nice if I could actually see me being famous out there, but I’ve seen these same four walls for a year and a half now,” he said in a video posted to Twitter.

Maldonado-Passage joked he would be as crazy as he was before when he finished serving his 22-year sentence for his part in a murder-for-hire plot of animal rights activist Carole Baskin and a slew of animal abuse charges.

Maldonado-Passage did express remorse for some of his behavior in the prison interview.

“Go it in a cage with your animals for a week. I mean, when I left the zoo and I sent my chimpanzees to the sanctuary in Florida and imagined what my chimpanzees went through for 18 years, I — I’m ashamed of myself,” he said.

And he said a lot more.

Watch him below:

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