Tiffany Haddish Is Determined to Repay Kevin Hart’s $300 Loan but He Keeps Returning it

Tiffany Haddish is trying to do what her grandmother taught her, but her friend Kevin Hart is not having it.

Hart had helped out Haddish when she was a struggling artist by lending her $300 while they were working on a sketch comedy show together, and years later she is still trying to repay him but Hart won’t accept the money.

Yesterday, a video surfaced showing how Haddish badged into a room were Hart was being prepped for an interview, and she opened her purse, rained dollars on him, and exhaled. She had finally paid what she owed.

But not so fast! Hart gathered the money and stuffed it inside her wig cap, and it wasn’t until later that he informed her of what he had done.

“I love my sister @tiffanyhaddish ….She has been trying to pay me back for years & I refused to take the money so she ambushed me on set and made it rain on me,” Hart, 39, captioned the Instagram clip.

Adding, “What she doesn’t know is that I put the money back in one of her wig caps that she wasn’t wearing later that day!!!! I’m dead serious. Check your wig cap @tiffanyhaddish ….I love u and I will never take from you. You being my Co-Star in my movie Night School was more than enough. Love u with ur funky ass!!!! #NightSchool #HittingTheatersEverywhereSept28th.”

When Haddish found this video, she took to Instagram with a hilarious video clip revealing the wad of money in her bag. “Ok so @kevinhart4real I see your post and I checked my back pack, and right there in my bag is the money I gave you, in a wig cap at that. I see you 👀. Thank You very much. But You getting this money back,” she wrote, adding, “I am paying you back! I pay all my loans off. That is something you and my Grandma taught me ‘never owe nobody money’.”

Well, Hart still refuses.

Peep his response below.


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