This Video of South African Police Torturing a Naked Nigerian Man Will Break Your Heart

A Nigerian man who uses the Facebook handle, Hrm Eze NdigboSa, has taken to his page to share a shocking video of the South African police violently attacking a Nigerian man.

From the clip, the naked Nigerian is seen being manhandled by four uniformed officers who try to force him into the car. He cries out in pain and accuses the the officers of injuring penis, and as the camera pans to his crotch, one of the officers is seen pulling and tugging the genitalia.

Hrm Eze Ndigbo Sa, who shared the video explains the reason behind the violence:

“Nigeria government see what South African Government are doing to Nigeria in South Africa, naked him, heating him on his penis because of driving Licence of which his friend said he got. Black Africa are Selevery in South Africa, Exenophobia is better than slave. Why South African forces is very wicked towards Nigeria in South Africa why?(sic),” he wrote.

The video has generated major conversation on social media, with many Nigerians calling both the South African authorities and the Nigerian government to take action.

See the GRAPHIC video below.

The authorities had yet to react tot he video as at press time.


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