This Serena Williams Essay is the Best Thing You’ll Read Today

Serena Williams has responded to the debacle at the last US Open which got the world talking.

Recall that the champ was penalised unfairly and she was forced to call the umpire a thief, which earned her another violation. At the end she lost to Naomi Osaka, was mocked by sexists and racists, and now she is speaking out against a system that penalises a woman for daring to show emotion.

She said:

This debacle ruined something that should have been amazing and historic. Not only was a game taken from me but a defining, triumphant moment was taken from another player, something she should remember as one of the happiest memories in her long and successful career. My heart broke. I started to think again, “What could I have done better? Was I wrong to stand up? Why is it that when women get passionate, they’re labeled emotional, crazy, and irrational, but when men do they’re seen as passionate and strong?”

About the debacle costing Osaka the spotlight she deserves, she wrote to the younger athlete, saying:

“Hey, Naomi! It’s Serena Williams. As I said on the court, I am so proud of you and I am truly sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing in sticking up for myself. But I had no idea the media would pit us against each other. I would love the chance to live that moment over again. I am, was, and will always be happy for you and supportive of you. I would never, ever want the light to shine away from another female, specifically another black female athlete. I can’t wait for your future, and believe me I will always be watching as a big fan! I wish you only success today and in the future. Once again, I am so proud of you. All my love and your fan, Serena.”

And Osaka replied:

“People can misunderstand anger for strength because they can’t differentiate between the two. No one has stood up for themselves the way you have and you need to continue trailblazing.”

Read the entire essay here.

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