‘This is Witchcraft’ – Daddy Freeze Destroys Christians Who Wear Adeboye’s Necklace

Daddy Freeze is in the news again. And you guessed right…he’s courting even more controversy!

The outspoken on-air personality, has laid into some Christians who wear a necklace with pastor Enoch Adeboye’s photo engraved in it.

Freeze, who has been on a self-appointed campaign to liberate Christians, as per his #FreeTheSheeple Movement, shared a photo of an unidentified person putting on the necklace with the caption:

“This is not Christianity, it’s witchcraft!

“This is whoredom, undiluted fornication!

“It’s the harlotry; the ‘pressing of virgin breasts’ that God spoke about in the book of Ezekiel,” he wrote, backing his arguments with Bible verses as usual.

This may not come as a shock to many as the controversial OAP is known to use obscene language to describe whoever disagrees with his opinions.

During his battle with Pentecostal pastors over the collection of tithes and first fruits from their members, he famously incurred the wrath of KICC’s Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo.

It remains to be seen how Redeemers, and their beloved GO, Adeboye will react to his latest salvo.

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