They Tooks Turns And I Am Infected | Day 7

World AIDS Day

During sexual assaults that involve penetrative sex, women are exposed to infections as perpetrators do not typically use any forms of contraception such as condoms. This leads to a higher incidence of HIV/AIDS cases. If untested, women run the risk of spreading this infection to others and if untreated, can lead to death. The use of Post- Exposure Prophylaxis (P.E.P) treatment of HIV with the appropriate drugs within 72 hours of the assault reduces the risk of infection. This treatment is available at the WARIF Centre – free of charge.

If you are a survivor of sexual violence or rape, visit the WARIF Centre or a medical facility within 72 hours to get tested and treated, to reduce your risk of the HIV /AIDS infection.

WARIF cares. World AIDS Day

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