‘They Don’t Have God’ – Assemblies of God Head Slams Pastors who Invite Comedians to Church

The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria, Rev. Chidi Okoroafor has laid into churches that invite comedians and other entertainers to perform at their programmes, saying they lack the presence of God.

When he was asked about his perception of the trend during an interview with Punch, Okoroafor vehemently condemned the act and declared that the church is not an entertainment center.

He said churches involved in the trend are only making up for what they lack which is the presence of God.

He said,

“It is lack of the presence of God that people now make up with comedians. How can I bring the ‘Night of One Thousands Laughs’ to the church? I am vehemently against that. If I see somebody do that in Assemblies of God, I will give him a query. Why would you bring entertainers? It is lack of the presence of God.

“When you have sufficient presence of God, why would you go for those make-ups? The church is not an entertainment centre. It is a place where you go to worship God. Some people have derailed.

“So, if you don’t have entertainers, you will not come to my church again? Then, you are not a worshiper. Good worship and good songs are enough to inspire you. I vehemently condemn that and this is the position of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria.”

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