‘The Streets Are Madness’, Lynxxx Compares Current Situation to the 90s

Lynxxx has compared the current situation of things in the country at the moment to the 1990s when riots were rampant during the military regime.

The singer and rapper, described the streets as madness as he urged people to get to safety fast in line with the curfew imposed by the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Lynxxx advised all protesters to move the protest online for the time being, disclosing that he went out to get groceries and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Cars had leaves stuck in their windscreens as was the practice during riots in the 1990s to prevent their persons and vehicles from being attacked. He advised everyone to get off the roads fast and not to give the powers that be an opportunity to mess with them.


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