The Raptors Gifts Drake a Custom OVO Jacket Worth $769,000

Drake’s has just received an awesome gift from the Toronto Raptors, despite claims that he hexed them with bad juju.

The Raptors presented him with a custom-made Raptors/OVO jacket, which is said to worth an estimated $769,000.

The jacket was studded with Drizzy’s owl logo and the Raptors’ slashed basketball sigil, and according to Complex, the fabric for the jersey was sourced from a French mill by Toronto’s Garrison Bespoke, one of the first examples of “jersey” cloth from 1927. The diamonds are lab-grown and carbon-neutral.

“This is truly a 1 of 1 piece,” Michael Nguyen, the clothier behind the jacket, told The Star. “Both the jersey inside, which Drake himself helped design, and this very special piece of cloth. And the diamonds, of course.”

And the Raptors aren’t even the buying the superstitious idea that showing favour to the rapper is inviting hexes. Plus, Drake knows what sports fans think of him.

Recently, he recently addressed the press after the Raptors sent the Orlando Magic packing, asking them if they were still thinking about the curse. “You want me to talk about the curse or you guys good?” he said after the win.

Check out the pictures from the award:

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