The Body Conversation: A New Journal Comes to Town

Ukamaka Olisakwe, the author of Ogadinma, has launched a new journal called, “The Body Conversation.”

According to the website, The Body Conversation was created for “people from diverse communities who long for a safe space where they can talk about their experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and postpartum complications.”

While the website publishes “essays and stories that are centred around the above themes,” Ukamaka also hosts podcasts which are structured into episodes.

Two weeks ago, she chatted with Nneka Nwogu, Ujuaku Akukwe, Megan Ross, Marie-Ange Rukundo, Temitayo Olofinlua, and Ifeanyi Nsofor, about the cultural and religious practices that make it difficult for women to speak openly about their postpartum experiences.

Last Saturday, she talked with Samantha Kolber, M. K. Martin, Charity Ngabirano, Aisha Sarkin-Pawa, and Cate Dicharry, about maternal mental health in the age of social distancing.

About why she launched this platform, Ukamaka said in her YouTube speech:, “I feel that we, especially women who have had children, should tell our stories, because we matter. Because our bodies matter. Because our mental health matters.”

Listen to her last podcast below:


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