Thai Cave Boys: Daring Rescue to be Made into a Movie

A Thai-based film company has joined the scramble to retell the dramatic story of the 12 young footballers and their coach who were freed from a flooded cave.

As Documentary makers and Hollywood producers tussled to get films off the ground, a Bangkok production company called De Warrenne Pictures are the latest to agree on financing to make their version called “The Cave” with shooting planned for November.

“The project is already set,” producer Katrina Grose told AFP, of a movie that will be directed by Tom Waller — a Bangkok-based filmmaker of mixed Thai-Irish descent.

The operation to save the boys – referred to as ‘Wild Boars’ – who wandered into the cave after a football training session and became stuck as floodwaters surged in, involved expert cave divers from across the world.

They were found after 11 days huddled on a muddy ledge without food or fresh water, floodwaters lapping ominously below them.

An ex-Thai Navy SEAL died in the run-up to the daring extraction of the group, who were heavily sedated as they were carried, pulled and dragged free from deep inside the cave.

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