“Tha Carter V” Promo Ads Pop Up in New York City to Usher in Lil Wayne’s Album!

The latest, and possibly, the final chapter of Lil Wayne’s Carter, Tha Carter V, drops at midnight, four years after his legal battle with Birdman and Cash Money Records.

Announcing this on his Instagram recently, Wayne, who has been dubbed the father of modern rap, thanked all those who stood by his side all through these tumultuous years.

“Y’all hung in there with me for the last 30 million years. … I can’t do nothing but thank y’all for all the love and all the passion and every ounce of everything I have left in my heart,” he said in a video announcing Tha Carter V‘s release. “It goes to y’all, honestly: my fans, my supporters, the world. … I am nothing, absolutely nothing, without my fans, swear to god. I hope you guys love this album. … With this album, I’m giving you more than me. You gotta always remember that this is years of work, this is four, five, six years of work that you’ll be listening to.”

Now, Complex reports that goat-featuring promo ads are popping up all over New York City to usher in the new album.

See some of them below.

We all can’t wait!


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