Teyana Taylor Drops Out of Jeremih’s Tour, Says She was “Extremely Mistreated”

Teyana Taylor has had enough of Jeremih’s “laziness” which is why she has decided to pull out of his Later That Night Tour.

Tweeting about this yesterday, the 27-year-old singer said she would not be participating in the remaining dates of the tour, and she shared her frustrations with her tourmate.

“I’ve been extremely mistreated on this tour so on that note I will NO longer continue to stay on the #LaterThatNightTour because if I do ima end up knocking this nigga out,” she said, assuring her fans they will have the opportunity for a refund. “I’m sorry to all who has already purchased tickets to see me I will make sure everyone gets refunded.”

She dragged him for filth yesterday, describing him as a “Lazy, sneaky, jealous, conniving, [selfish], lame ass nigga! Don’t ever try to play me Petunia. They come to see me then 80% of the room leave after MY SET! work my ass off every city, every night! You’ve done nothing this whole tour but act like a DIVA in ya princess chair. … He really do think he is Mike Jack.”

Check Taylor’s tweets below:


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