Tension in Jos as Crisis Breaks out in 3 Communities

There is tension in Jos, Plateau State capital, after crisis erupted in some communities over the weekend.

Eyewitnesses say the crisis began after the corpse of a boy was found in Dutse Uku, a border town between two communities on Sunday.

Following the discovery of the corpse, some aggrieved youth were said to have taken to the streets, torching houses and attacking people. Among the affected communities are Tina, Cele Bridge and Rikkos.

It is unclear the number of people who were killed and those who sustained injuries.

Terna Tyopev, spokesman of the Plateau police command, confirmed the attacks but said the police and other security agencies were in control.

“We are still on the field. The only thing I can say is that yesterday there was tension. There was a corpse that was discovered at Dutse Uku which raised a lot of tension at Cele Bridge, Rikkos, Angwan Damisa behind St Michaels, and the adjoining areas. But we were able to bring it under control,” he said.

“Investigation is ongoing and after this, the cause of the crisis would be revealed but if you look at the places I am talking about, Christians and Muslims are living in those areas. So, it is not good to come to a conclusion that any group is responsible.

“We are putting everything in order. Immediately we come back from the field, we will inform the press adequately.”

Sources say security operatives descended on the scene and brought the mayhem under control late Sunday.

The ancient town remains tense as at press time with many residents preferring to stay indoors for fear of reprisal attacks in other areas.


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