Tell Me There Is Still a Safe Place | Day 13

Feeling safe again after a sexual assault can be one of the most challenging aspects of healing, and is often a struggle for survivors. Facilities for care and support are necessary to help survivors through this time.

The WARIF Centre is a safe haven where survivors are helped in a step by step approach through the initial traumatic phase of their experience and the necessary follow-up visits.  Available to all, we provide Medical Care, Psycho Social Counselling, Legal Services and Access to shelters totally free of charge.

Share our stories, repost, tag someone and join us in the #orangetheworldwithWARIF campaign as we participate in the #16DaysOfActivism against Gender Based Violence.

WARIF Centre: 6, Turton Street, Off Thorburn Avenue, Yaba, Lagos.
WARIF Confidential Helpline: 08092100009






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