ntel NOVA 4G/LTE Phone Berths in Abuja

Nigeria’s first 4G/LTE-Advanced network has taken the ntel NOVA gospel to Abuja

ntel Launches NOVA 4G/LTE Dual-SIM Phone

runs on the Android 6.0 operating system with a 8GB+1GB RAM capacity and has front 5 mega pixels and rear 2 mega pixel cameras

Tech Weekly Review: Maxgo Revives Okada in Lagos with its On-Demand Motorcycle Transport Solution

A look at the biggest tech happenings last week, and what's to come this week

13 Years After, Who Wants To be a Millionaire Goes off Air, Which Educational Show...

Like other extinct shows, perhaps Who Wants To be a Millionaire Nigeria was longer yielding the necessary financial gain. So, it would not make business sense to hold on to it.

The Travails of Travis Kalanick and Uber: A Lesson for African Tech Start-ups

Judging from Uber's experience, African start-ups should note that in the face of faltering regulations, a plethora of opportunities and the possibility of rapid growth, the only safe guard they have against future self-destruct is to think of creating an enviable corporate culture as part of their strategy from the start.

Facebook is Testing a Feature to Prevent Profile Picture Theft

Now you can be sure that no one can use your profile picture to clone your account, Facebook promises.

Nigerian Wins $32K UK Engineering Award for His Tutoring App, Tuteria

Drawing from his experiences as a tutor, Godwin Benson designed the monster app, Tuteria - a platform that links qualified tutors to students in their location and within their budget, to sweep home the top honour.

Embracing Animation Technology Will Boost Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry – Minister

The Minister said a developed animation industry in Nigeria will be a boost to the country’s already-established entertainment industry and make the country an outsourcing destination for global audiovisual market.

#BBNaija: The Winners, the Big Winners, the Losers and the Rest of us

Believe it or not, millions was spent on recharge cards distribution. Proud supporters of housemates shared recharge cards with friends and members of their “nations” to ensure that other people vote for their favourites.

#Appreview: The Cozi Family Organiser is Perfect for Family Keeping

The size of the app is going to scare most potential users in this age where memory size and data usage are key deciding factors for which app stays and which doesn’t.

#AppReview: Safi.ng App, Offering Premium Dry-Cleaning Services to Lagosians With a Touch of Class

Size: 20MBOwners: Chinook Capital LimitedDate: March, 2017 (Updated)Downloads: 100-500Safi.ng is a Lagos-based start-up that aims at providing personalised, premium dry-cleaning services to its users...

#GadgetReview: Meet the New Nokia 3310 Smartphone

The smartphone fatigue notwithstanding, much of the new Nokia 3310's use will be as the ideal first phone; for making and receiving calls (that type that can be lost without much ado).

#AppReview: Lagos State ‘Citizens Gate’, a Formidable First From the Centre of Excellence

Lagos State Citizens Gate app was designed “to facilitate interaction and provision of services between government and the citizens from the comfort of their homes and offices without necessarily paying a visit to government establishments where such services are being provided.”

NCC Bans Open Registration of SIM cards, to Review Call Tariffs

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has placed a ban on open registration of SIM cards.

#AppReview: The BudgIT App – This Potent Civic Enlightenment Tool Deserves More Attention

One very glaring gap is the “up-to-date-ness” of the information provided on the app. For instance, the latest allocation record for any of the 36 states is the allocation for Lagos state,as at July 2015.

Tech Weekly Review: Omidyar Network Invests $1.5 million in BudgIT as #VPDemoDay Holds in Abuja

Four weeks into 2017, the tech space appears to be fully awake following an initial early year lull. The just concluded week witnessed a...

#AppReview: The Federal Government of Nigeria Information App (FGN IApp), a Work in Progress

Most conspicuously absent in the FGN Iapp is a comment box. This may be deliberate. But, the omission makes the app a propaganda tool

Tech Review: Uber Agrees to Pay 20 Million Dollar Fine, Twitter to Loop Short Videos

Twitter is doing more to keep its users on its platform for a longer time. That really is how it can survive its financial crisis. Find out what else is noteworthy in the world of tech

OTV Special: Top 7 Technology Innovations That Shaped 2016

What a year of tech innovations! 2017 will indeed be a boom for the tech world.

Mark Zuckerberg Unveils Jarvis AI Technology; But Can it Work in Nigeria?

This simple narration is built on the assumption that a number of factors are available. For example, the system is reliant on power. That is a luxury in Nigeria. And, if one is able to generate the power reliable on his/her own, the challenge of fluctuation in data connection is another recurring decimal.

Colourless #BlackFriday: An Indicator of Ailing eCommerce in Nigeria?

Players in the industry need to modify their approach. They must find out how to sell to Nigerians in their unique way without making the global standard suffer.

British Teenager Wins Case to Have Her Body Frozen and Resurrected in Future

JS is the 143rd patient to be cryogenically frozen at the Cryogenics Institute, in Michigan.

Does Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Need Marriage Counselling From Maheeda? – Daddy Freeze

Do people really need to be counselled or be taught how to make their choices before they delve into marriage?

Raise Your Hand if You Were Part of the Facebook Copyright Craze; it is High...

There is a rumor circulating that Facebook is making a change related to ownership of users' information or the content they post to the site. This is false. Anyone who uses Facebook owns and controls the content and information they post, as stated in our terms. - Facebook

The Future Is Here! Self-Driving Uber Cars Start Operation in Pittsburgh

Uber disclosed that a number of vehicles are being deployed to customers only on certain roads and routes that the company has already mapped out and tested extensively.

The Lagos Smart City Plan: Possibility or Mere Dream?

A smart city would include working from home as against going to an office, receiving lectures from home as against going to classes, being in a conference from your loo, having a meeting from a park or having your client base in Lekki while you live in Abule Egba.

‘I’ve Been Told I am not Black, but I Consider Myself One’ – Rapper AKA

AKA finally confronts South Africa's ethnic label and declares he identifies fully as 'black'.

Breakthrough: Scientists Invent Exoskeleton to Help Paraplegics Walk

The doctors were surprised to discover that during the training with the exoskeletons, the eight patients used for the test all started to regain the sense of touch and movement below the injury to their spine

Infographics: How to Use the New Instagram ‘Stories’ Feature

An easy step-by-step manual that can help you go about Instagram story with less hassles.