TBoss Thinks the #BBNaija 2018 Housemates Have Poor Sense of Hygiene

TBoss thinks the housemates at the BBNaija 2018 house have made the enviroment grossly unsanitary.

Posting on her Instagram last night, the former housemate complained bitterly about the housemates’ conduct, how they share bodily fluids and food, how sickening it was to watch them drag their bodies on bare floor. And it was for this reason she asked Big Brother to call the housemates to order.

“Big Brother please stop that one that’s putting yoghurt on everyone’s lips and nipples and what not with the same spoon,” said the superstar, adding, “OMG and now she’s sitting on the bare floor with her butt half exposed! Yukk Talk about unsanitary.”

She continued, saying, “She’s put Tobi’s sweat on another’s lips and had someone else lick it all up.”

Her rants were quite graphic; she truly was disgusted by the display last night, and that was not all, because she went on to complain about how another housemate talks too much.

Well, that was how folks had a lot to say about TBoss’ conduct last year, although the complaints were mostly about her sullenness and how she often bared her pierced nippled in the house.


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