Tayo Faniran Advocates for Respect Across Board

Former Big Brother Africa contestant, Tayo Faniran is advocating for respect of all persons no matter their vocation.

The model and father of one revealed that he’s ready to strip any person who disrespects him of every iota of respect as his modesty is sometimes taken for granted.

Tayo Faniran cited the analogy of everyone doing their own part to make things work, therefore, looking down on a person because of what they do, makes the other a fool as there’s no difference between Timaya and the plantain seller who is yet to ‘hammer’.

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I’m too shy until you make me look you in the 👁,I’m too modest until you take me for granted.Respect means a lot to a Yoruba man,and I was raised to respect people,so I’m usually pained to my bones when my modesty is taken for granted,then boom I will just strip you off any form of respect quicker than a monkey 🐒 pills his banana 🍌 ,you will now be so pained that you would wish the ground could open its mouth and swallow you,Emi 🤨💪🏿 But for real though,let’s learn to respect people equally,if you see Timaya now you will shout “Egberi Papa” 🙌🏿,but when you see a plantain seller the next minute you will spit on him/her,so tell me,are you not a fool? 😂,the difference between the two is “Change” ,you don’t know that the plantain seller of today also can become a Timaya tomorrow,awon afofungbemu,ti a ba n Ko yin leko,eeni fe gbo,afi kee mo se jakujaku,rederede kaakiri adugbo 😂😂😂 Don’t mind me o,I just feel like laughing with someone this night 😂

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