Taxify Drama: Actress Dorcas Shola Fapson Publishes Video of the ‘Kidnap’ Attempt

Dorcas Shola Fapson has published the video of the altercation between her and Taxify driver Henry Nnaemeka, who she accused of attempting to kidnap and rape her.

Recall that the actress said the taxi driver locked her up in his car, drove her to an unknown location and attempted to drag her out of it, but she fought him off with her pepper spray. Shortly after the story went viral, the taxi company published a statement, assuring Nigerians that they have petitioned the State Intelligence Bureau and the Nigeria Police Force to investigate the incident.

However, Henry Nnaemeka has published his own statement.

According to the driver, trouble started right after he picked up the actress and she refused to tell him her destination. A verbal altercation ensued and she allegedly began making calls, telling the people on the other end that she has his car keys. Supposedly frightened, Nnaemeka moved away from that point, stopped distances away and asked her to get out of his car, and that was all the drama started.

Swipe to read his full statement:

Now, Fapson published the video of their altercation to back up her claims.

Watch the clip:

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