Tamar Braxton is Loving on Her Nigerian Mother-in-Law on Her 81st Birthday

Tamar Braxton really loves her Nigerian mother-in-law.

The singer and talk show host celebrated her her rare gem on the occasion of her 81st birthday by showering her with praises for being one of a kind.

Braxton praised boyfriend, David Oyesfeso’s mother in a lengthy write-up, making it obvious that the two enjoy a beautiful relationship.

She wrote;

“I’ve never had a mother in law until now. I had no Idea on what I was missing out on.

Someone who truly loves you like their blood daughter all because you have fallen in love with a magnificent man. Never besides my amazing mother has another woman accepted me for all my flaws, prays for me and my heart @david.adefeso and also my amazing son.

“She sends me scriptures to read and they are always what I need. She gives me her blessings on things and will tell me when I’m wrong.

“I cherish every day that he blesses us with your love and spirit. love you mummy. I praise God that he made it so that I was your daughter. Happy 81st bday‼️‼️❤️ you are just as stunning as you were the day we met??”.

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