Tacha Roasts Ubi Fraknlin for Dissing Her: “You’ve Kids to Take Care of”

Tacha Nakide has taken to her Instagram Story to read Ubi Franklin for filth after the record label boss said nasty things about her during his Live chat.

It all started after Franklin invited Tacha’s former manager, Teebillz, on his Live and tried to get Teebillz to said negative things about the Big Brother Naija star, but Teebillz only had amazing things to say about Tacha. Teebillz also called out Franklin for stoking public resentment against Tacha.

Things went down hill after Franklin Mercy Eke on and said he never wanted Tacha to win the Big Brother Naija show.

Well, Tacha has a very long response for him, and folks agree with her: Franklin should have kept her name out of his mouth.

Watch the video:



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