Swizz Beatz to Showcase Kehinde Wiley’s Works in New “Black Renaissance” Show

THR has confirmed that Swizz Beatz will be championing a new exhibition at UTA Artist Space will feature more than 20 leading contemporary African-American and African diaspora artists who use elements of surrealism to contend with harsh realities of our time.

And of the artists to be showcased is Nigeria’s Kehinde Wiley.

The show reporteldy opens Feb. 13 with painting, sculpture, and photography from private collections and commercial galleries, as well as new pieces straight from the studio. The show, titled “Dreamweavers,” is curated by Nicola Vassell, the former director at Pace Gallery and Deitch Projects in New York, who also serves as an art advisor to Dean.

“At this particular moment, it feels like the doors have been flung open and the conversation is welcome,” said Vassell in a statement, adding that many major galleries are signing up “a slew of fantastic artists.”

Plus, museums are now “mandated” to make more diverse acquisitions; and in Hollywood, “you have the rapid green-lighting of films in a realm that had not existed before, with the box office numbers and the talent,” she added, “It’s a super positive moment in that these narratives are being embedded institutionally. And the consequence of that is economic success and cultural influence.”

We can’t wait!

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