So Sweet! Rapper Big Sean Carries Jhene Aiko Out of Club Because Her Feet Hurt

Big Sean is the cutest boo out there.

New videos making rounds on social media shows the rapper carrying his girlfriend, Jhene Aiko, out of the club because she hurt her feet. And this has warmed the heart of many people, including those who criticised them when they made their relationship public.

Recall that Aiko was married to Nigerian producer Dot Da Genius and shortly after the marriage failed in 2016, she went public with Big Sean, stirring rumours that she cheated on her husband. Aiko shut it all down and even noted that she suffered abuse at the hands of the Nigerian producer. In October 2017, their divorce got finalised and she and Big Sean have been waxing stronger ever since.

Now, Aiko and Sean are the cutest couple ever and folks can’t get enough of them.

“This is definitely a real relationship- how many celebrities would actually brave the headlines because of swollen feet,” said Instagram user @crystalharriswaite. And another added, @luve_galore, added, “Big Sean the finest “relationship guy” I’ve ever seen..most of them like to be players..he truly seems like a loyal guy.”

Watch the clip:


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