Sunday Oliseh Sacked by Ditch Club Fortuna Sittard

A second division club in the Netherlands, Fortuna Sittard, have announced its decision to suspend former Super Eagles head coach, Sunday Oliseh, over what they termed poor working relationship with both players and officials.

Oliseh’s suspension was announced in a statement released on the club’s official website on Wednesday, berating Oliseh for disrupting the harmony between players and officials.

“Fortuna Sittard immediately puts coach Sunday Oliseh on non-active,” the statement read.

“The club management makes this decision as a result of the repeatedly culpable actions for a longer period by the trainer towards several persons in the organisation.

“Several attempts by the club to move the trainer to other behavior were unfortunately without result, resulting in an unworkable situation.

“The board of Fortuna Sittard emphasises that the decision to disband Sunday Oliseh is not motivated by the current sporting performance.

“Because of his inadmissible actions, the coach has made the cooperation with many people within the organization impossible. From players to employees.

“Fortuna Sittard regrets the decision, but states that the club interest goes above all else.



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