Strip Tease! Mayweather shows off Wads of Cash from Strip Club, Girl Collection

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. is unapologetically rich, and he’s not about to change that anytime son.

The retired champion recently took to Instagram to show off his lavish lifestyle after flaunting thousands of $100 bills.

Mayweather, 40, uploaded a picture of earnings he made from his Las Vegas strip club, Girl Collection.

The Money man is a frequent guest at the establishment, where he headed immediately after stopping UFC star Conor McGregor in their crossover clash in August.

And in continuation of his Instagram story, the 50-0 boxer posted at least 13 wads of cash, believed to be worth $10,000 apiece, Sun writes.

Money MayweatherMayweather has been on a roadshow since his second retirement last year, splashing on a lavish mansion and other luxury items, including a gift to pop star Mariah Carey.

There are however rumours he could sensationally step inside the Octagon for a mouth-watering rematch with McGregor.

His father and trainer, Mayweather Sr., had this to say: “The way I see it, I have to believe that this is where it’s going. The way it looks, I think so.”

“I’m gonna tell you the truth about it, I think he can win a few fights but I think it’s best to leave it alone.

“You can do your own thing but you’re in somebody else’s playground now and holes and stuff are in there. You just can’t do that.”

Fingers crossed…


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