Stop Demanding Successful Women Give Whereabouts of Their Vaginas, Kiki Mordi Says

The narrative that a successful woman must have paid her way to the top is tiring, disgusting and plain misogynistic and Kiki Mordi isn’t here for it.

The investigative journalist took to Twitter to speak on the tired argument of demanding successful women give explanation for their wealth when same does not apply to men.

In her tweets, Kiki Mordi noted that it is impossible to ‘f*ck your way to the top’ because if it were so, men would be doing it.

She further stressed that people “stop demanding successful women give you details about the whereabouts of their vaginas if you’re not gonna ask me if their penis got them to the top”

Mordi finished off by saying this narrative reinforced the notion does not belong to women unless it’s handed to them by men.


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