Stephen King Charges UK Film Students $1 to Adapt His “Stationary Bike” Story

Movie Web is reporting that Stephen King has announced plan to charge students $1 to make a film adaptation of his famous short story Stationary Bike.

According to the media house, in addition to paying the $1 for the non-exclusive rights to the story, the students of Blaenau Gwent Film Academy in Wales, U.K., are expected to send King a copy of their movie on DVD so that he can watch it.

The adaptations must be non-commercial.

The legendary writer had created a platform called “Dollar Babies” which include a collection of 30 stories which are not under any contract to film studios, and so students film students looking to get into the world of horror, who are interested in getting the rights to a Stephen King story, can get a cheap deal.

The Dollar Babies programme was set up in 1977.

Now, these U.K. students have been invited to try.

Will they succeed? We wait!

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