South Africa’s Heavy K Brings Father to Tears With a Gift of Car and a New House

Heavy K has given his father the gift every parent hopes for.

Yesterday, the Inde crooner took to his Instagram to post the photo of the house and the car he bought his father, adding that this is the best thing he had ever done.

“Never been so proud of myself like I am right now!! Daddy’s New Home My New Home!! Now he has everything he always wished for,” wrote the music producer.

He went on to add, “Because with God anything is possible & seeing my father’s teary eyes posing next to his new Crib & car! It just reminded me why am i doing this & why i could never stop! I’m grateful! Thank You God, Thank You To My Fans For Your Continued Support! Dreams do come through Never Stop Dreaming.”

This heartwarming post drew a lost of positive responses from his fans.

Check out the post:

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