South African Actor Hlomla Dandala Under Fire for His Xenophobic Tweets

Hlomla Dandala is catching a lot of heat after he took to his Twitter to rant about how African nationals, especially Nigerians, are “overpopulating” and “destroying” South African neighbourhoods.

The actor claimed that areas such as Yeoville and Hillbrow show “how much we’ve lost to foreign African nationals,” adding, “Call it xenophobia all you like but truth is truth”.

This earned him major criticism from people on social media. “And yes it is xenophobic (what else should we call it?) and extremely stupid tweet. I mean to say you lost Yeoville and Hillbrow to foreign African nationals, means for one it was yours to lose and two these foreign African nationals took it from you,” said one Twitter user.

Another added, “The way I just fell over my chair. Yeah dude, let’s call it what it is, You’re xenophobic and this tweet pretty much sums it up. @CedoMadubedube , check out this subtle hate-monger.”

A Nigerian also called him out, saying, “For an actor that once played a Nigerian character, was loved and celebrated by many Nigerians, it’s a shame you have so much hatred for Nigerians living in South Africa. What a big shame. African Nationals, especially Nigerians, are not to blame for your crime-ridden society.”

Dandala has since deleted the offensive tweet, but has since been struggling to say he is not xenophobic, that he only was calling out the “thugs” in his beloved South Africa.

See his last tweet below:

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